At Klamath Falls Subaru, we understand tires are an important part of vehicle safety, making Subaru tire maintenance in Klamath Falls OR an important topic for discussion. Though your tires are consistently being worn down by the road, we have found many people are not aware of when maintenance or replacement of Subaru Tires in Klamath Falls OR are needed.

The good news is, our Subaru Tire Center in Klamath Falls OR has the experience and knowledgeable technicians to ensure every customer is driving on safe tires that don’t show dangerous signs of wear and tear. While we, at Klamath Falls Subaru are able to repair and replace tires, it is also important for drivers to know the signs of a possible issue in case something comes up between regular maintenance appointments.

Signs of Tread Wear

The treads on a tire have a specific purpose. Treads are designed to divert water, so the vehicle does not hydroplane and cause the vehicle to go out of control while driving down a wet road. If the tread has worn down to 1/16th of an inch or less, we recommend investing in new Subaru tires.

In addition to the safety concern, tread this worn is considered illegal in the U.S., therefore it is important to have them replaced right away. At this point, it’s a good idea to visit us for Subaru Tire Maintenance in Klamath Falls OR.

There are several ways to test whether your tread is worn down. One simple option is the penny test; another is to use a tread depth gauge; the third way to visually tell if the tread on your tires is too low is by looking for the tread wear bars, which appear after excessive wear and tear.


Uneven Wear

It is important for drivers to also watch for signs of uneven wear, as this is another indication Subaru Tire Maintenance in Klamath Falls OR is necessary. If this issue is not addressed, it can lead to the fast deterioration of a tire or even a blowout.

If a driver does notice this problem, we recommend bringing the vehicle in right away so we can provide rotation, realignment, or other necessary services to help correct this issue.



Are there strange vibrations or thumping sounds coming from beneath the seat? If so, this can be an indication of wheels that are unbalanced or structural issues with the tires.

If this problem is present, it’s important to have the vehicle checked out. Our team can diagnose the issue, give you repair recommendation, and fix the problem.


Gouges or Cracks

Any type of abnormality in the tire, such as cracks or gouges, are additional signs that maintenance is needed. Don’t hesitate to bring your vehicle in to our service center for repair.

We have found that gouges and cracks are often an indication of an issue with the tire’s structure or the materials used to create the tire. Act fast, as tires with issues can be unpredictable and safety should always be a top priority.

Subaru tire maintenance should never be put off. If the tires continue to deteriorate, they may become so damaged that they result in hazardous driving conditions. Being informed and knowing when to repair or replace your tires can help keep any Subaru driver safe while on the road. For more information on tire maintenance or signs of tire wear, visit Klamath Falls Subaru and speak with one of our Subaru experts or visit our Subaru Tire Center website

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